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Comments (27)

And the story looks interesting to say the least.
and i cant wait

I'm glad it has piqued your interest! I will be sure to deliver soon!

Awww, I didn't make this list?
I kid of course. Some good people you've chosen this time around. I've kept looking back at the last three in particular over the past few months. They do great work. Too bad they only work for commission eh?

As to your story. Looks like its getting closer. I wonder who will finish the next post first, me or you? Is the race on? No, it shouldn't be. Never rush yer art.

Ya know, I honestly gotta say that this is the most jocular that I think I have ever seen you write Sin. :) I'm savoring this...

Anyhow, my prediction of posting in the forums was for naught. Point B explains why I thought I would need to. Turns out, when I contacted a mod, he said I'd be better off privately messaging people for the best results. On that note, there any artist you think I should try first? I've considered Sabtastic, MindChamber and Nekow. Past that though, I'm out of ideas. Anyone else you think would be able to do this?

And,as I know you are probably the one looking forward to this the most, that is an incentive to make up my free time tomorrow to work on the first chapter. When it's finished, I have some former English teachers I'm going to turn to for advice. Not that I don't value your opinion, but rather, I want there to be as much surprise as possible. I just hope the opening isn't to slow to start...

Thanks for dropping by and I'm sorry I didn't inform you myself! But you came and that's my motivation to get to work. FOR REALZ this time!

Artists to recommend? Take a look through my favorite art. I don't recommend Sabtastic only because she works on commission only. Unless of course you really do want to pay for this. Basically just keep looking about until you find a style you like, then check to see if they work off commission or not.

Still eagerly awaiting the story. I need to work on mine pretty bad.

come on buddy, start writing eventualy.

you need to pick it up man

i find all the stories good and they keep me from boredom

I do not understand what you mean "all the stories." Could you please clarify your statement?

Hey you. How's the story coming?

I got a good start! And than I missed a detail and went all "Agh! What now?!?!?"
I have free time tonight though. I think I'll take the time to continue it tonight.

Sounds like a great idea for a story. I'd love to know when it starts coming out, I'll never remeber to check back here with my rodent-like attention span.

Don't worry! I'll let you know when it comes!
How's the old saying go?

i know your busy with college and your girl and whatnot.

but hurry it up, i wanna read it, it sounds like a fun story

No girl anymore. She turned out to be a bitch and I'm glad I left. :)

I'll try to get to it this week. Sorry for the wait.

well thats good, i'm looking forward to it.

and hop over on evermint sometime, i havent had a good conversation in ages

Hopefully, I'll do both of those things tonight!

Work is now officially fully underway on the latest chapter of my story. It shan't be long now.


Thought you'd like that. And what the hell is Evermint?

A website made by a friend. You know her here as Redjokerx or something like that.
Ask her about it and she'll send you a link and you can decide if you want to join or not. It's mostly a site up for the excuse of chatting really.

Ah I see... well I won't just go asking her for it. If I'm invited I'm invited. If I'm not, I'm not.

I'm sure she'd be glad to have you join up. Besides, it's not like it's some private party XD. Just any random person can join, you just need to find the site first. It's only because it's in my history that I can visit it regularly. I'm sure she would be just fine with me giving the link. But only if you would want to join up. There's I think 30 members? Yeah, she would definitely embrace you joining up. Only if you want to though. Mostly, we use it for the chat she has there.
In the end, it's your call.

Well sure then, throw me the link when you get the chance.

cant wait. this is good stuff youve got here.

When I get around to it of course. With college going on, that could prove difficult.

No thoughts on the latest chapter?

Happy Halloween!

And a Happy All Hallows Eve to you. :)

Happy Samhain

Um... yes. Happy All Hallows Eve to you as well. :)

Been awhile since I've heard from ya. Unfortunately I havn't started cracking down on the latest chapter of War of the Damned because everyone seems to be loosing interest and its hard to keep myself motivated anymore, especially with work.

Anyway, I'm still working on it, just much slower until I can find that motivation/inspiration again, and am still looking forward to Guardian.

It's reassuring that one of my favorite literary works is still being made! And don't worry, I haven't lost interest, I just didn't want to pester ya about it, unlike a friend of ours who won't give me peace for the lack of work on my end >:(. I figured it will happen when it happens. I just hope that's sooner than later.

Thanks for still holding hope in me and my work. I hope to get the first chapter done before Thanksgiving break ends. It may still need editing, but I'm gonna at least get the prologue on paper (well, technically on word document. :P).

So, yeah, that's the latest. I don't know if Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wish you a happy one regardless. :)

We celebrate Thanksgiving, but in mid October rather than now... but thank ye regardless. You have a happy Thanksgiving as well.

Thank you, I did. :)

Odd question for me there.

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