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Some Great Artists And Big Ideas!

Posted by DarkX64 - December 22nd, 2009

Sorry to my friends. Lots of circumstance has moved my day to today for posting. Sleep and some usurping for someone else's Cafe World. Ugh. Just another reason that facebook drives me up a wall. But it's here! Everyone I promised recognition on my page (and some other's who just deserve it for being awesome) will have it now and today!
The Names.
I owe this guy what popularity I have. He was the first to comment on my first post wishing me welcome to the site. Not only good, nice fellow, his own story, which he showcases via his posts, is good and more than worth a look. If you like a nice, down-to-earth guy who also happens to be the author of a powerful, futuristic war story, where a young man and his friends band together to ignite a revolt against an oppressive ruler (a.k.a. "Red Dawn,"), you should probably set some time aside to see what this guy's all about.
Without a doubt, this lady is the best author on NG. HANDS DOWN. Her zombie-apocalypse tale "Blood of the Damned," will shock you with her in-depth, human characters, frighten you with her real,brutal and vivid settings and descriptions and amaze you with her incredible storytelling and execution. If her story doesn't do it for you zombie fans, check your pulse. You might just have become one of the denizens of her undead horde ;). She's also curteous, funny and open. Don't be afraid to talk to her, cause she's not. And definitely look up her story... if you dare!!
Simple and nice are the two words that come to mind for this flash artist. He still has a way to go but is constantly learning and his storytelling is great. Be sure to give him support for his upcoming Fallout 3 parody and his next installment in the wonderful Angel and the Fox series! That first episode was my first flash favorite :-). Be sure to stop by this dude's page, give him support and watch some of his stuff!
Certainly one of the weirdest users I've met on this site! With a weird and crazy style about all his work, flash, music, and art, he's worth the time if you like stuff that's off the beaten path. But don't mistake him for a spammer cause he's way too smart for that. If something near the lunatic fringe but not quite insanity is what you want, along with a dose of SPAGETT, dante's the guy you've been looking for. Also check out his contribution to the awesome series,
Not much to say about this dude. He's relatively new, having joined up on 11/30/09. But at least he's got one good submission, an ad that uses street fighter characters Ryu and Ken. Check it out, give him support and PM him for more!
Last, but not least, the girl with a cartoon style that's all her own. She's submitted several pieces of original, great art (my favorite is Cliat^^ ) and, recently, made her very first flash . And, even better, is making another! If good art and and cartoony animation make your day, then it's to Rhay-Tatsuki's page that you should make your way!

And, there are some other more well known people on this site I like anyways. Give 'em a gander if you're bored. I'd give info on them, but ther's so much to cover, you should just see it for yourself.
And, this guy helped me understand what was up with the logo thing, he's a stellar artist and he's just cool. Be sure to tell him who gave his name!
My hope in doing this is to advertise all these artists, get them some healthy criticisms which should be good motivation them all or, for some, just get some much needed attention. Regardless, I hope this spreads good all around!

I should warn any and all in advance that read this that my Christmas break's gonna be big and busy. So forgive if I can't respond. Just to get that out of the way.

Now, I don't have anyway of bringing this idea to fruition. But I have been coming up with an idea for a fighting/dance crossover game with the tagline "Fight to Dance/Dance to Fight." I haven't given much thought as to how the system would run how I would want it to as much as I have been fretting about the cast. I want it to have a cast of recognizable media icons and characters that would look funny dancing. So far, here's my list:
(MGS Series)
Otacon: Special Finish= Rick Roll
Revolver Ocelot: Special Finish= Guns you down while dancing to "Ghetto Musick"
King Dedede: Special Finish= BIG GAY DANCE!!!
Luigi: Special Finish= Negative Rick Roll
Zero Suit Samus: Special Finish: Milkshakes ('Nuff said)
Naruto's Sakura: Special Finish= Caramelldansen
(Killer Instinct)
Orchid: Special Finish= undecided as of yet, but should include censored flashing, lol :)
(Real Life)
Andre Benjamin (from Outkast): Special Finish= Sings "Hey Ya!" and a swarm of fangirls come and destroy you!
Black Michael Jackson: Special Finish= 1) Dances to "Thriller," and the opponent becomes a zombie. 2) Dances to "Beat It," and kicks their head off. They fall over dead. 3) Moonwalks to "Billie Jean," does his signature yell, then falls backwards and disappears.
White Michael Jackson: Special Finish= 1) Puts on a single glove and VIOLATES his oppenent, then sings "Smooth Criminal." (No worries, you don't see HOW he violates them, he just does.) 2) After they have fallen over, he dances to "Blood is on the Dance Floor," around and on top of the victim's body. 3) He get's arrested and sings "Bad."

That's all I've got so far. Any ideas you have for possible characters, please give me advice. Also, I need more Anime girls so I can have a trio of Caramelldansen girls! Yes, three at once! Hahaha! Thanks for any help you offer or just if you tell me that was funny.

Also, I have a song idea but the program I have, Band in a Box Pro 2008, is HUGE. If anyone has A) used it before, B) knows someone who has it or C) knows where I can find a good tutorial quickly, I would be highly appreciative, please and thank you.

Whew! That was a lot for one post. I'm done for now and off to the commode XD.

Thanks to everyone! Happy Holidays to all!

Lining my chimney with remote controlled C4,


Juuuuuuuuust kidding! :)

Some Great Artists And Big Ideas!

Comments (19)

thanks for putting my name up there man.

Did you think I wouldn't??? I owe you hell of a lot! Now go put this out on the grapevine! I want people to know about this! Especially the names I mentioned!

Thank you very much for the words. It means a lot.

I just hope they were enough. Do me a favor and tell evry1 bout this post please? I'm trying to advertise the people I wrote about. And about the other crap... any advice?

Thanks for the kind words Dark, its muchly appreciated ^^
The fallout 3 flash is taking abit longer now due to christmas -_-
but still, thanks alot. I'm very grateful ^^

Glad you like it! Did you look at the other artists? Look em up and tell em what you think. Spread the word about this post if you can!

"one of the wierdest users" :D


Your welcome!

Did you look at any of the people I mentioned? And what's your thoughts on my other two things, game and music?


*shrugs* I just commented on other people's pages, and once in awhile the titles of my blog posts caught folks eyes, and people came to see what I had to offer.
Remember, just like stories, titles for blog posts can draw people in. When I used to simply display pictures I'd name the title of the blog after the picture and put my thoughts in between.
For example, my post "Rant with a kiss" had a short ramp on sexuality as viewed by society today, as well as a picture of two vampiric women sharing a kiss whilst topless.

Also, I don't know if I should be going around pointing people towards this post. "Hey (insert username here) check out Darkx64's blog. It totally says how awesome I am". Kind of puts me off as a arrogant bitch.

And I don't like to think of myself as arrogant... bitch is another story :P

I don't know if that's what I intended. I meant more like telling people about it mentioning some good artists, known and not-so-known, that have deserve some recognition. Granted, I also listed some big names i.e, MindChamber. But I only did it because they are geniunely (is this right?) great artists. So yes, I understand your concern and if you don't want to spread the word, that's just fine. It's not like I'm trying to twist your arm.
As for the title bit, I'll consider it and rename it when I can.
Where's this post? I'm interested in your views... and the picture :3.
And what's this "...bitch is another story"? For how you treat people on here, I would've never thought it. Is this a side of you reserved for flesh and blood? :)
Thanks for posting!


PS: About my other two things (Band in a Box and the dancing/fighting game) what are your thoughts on those? And did you look at any of the other users I listed?

the fighting game is just a total load of memes and kirbopher's/egoraptor's ideas, and overused pop culture references

its just not a well written game :/


also, try out fruity loops, or buy a synthesizer. each are nice alternatives to band in a box.

im partial to live performance and actual written composition rather than synthesized music. its really a matter of opinion.

No worries. I aim for an orchestral first piece.

And anyway, the gameplay will overshadow the lazy concept. And yea, I lifted Kirb's joke... but never without due credit or permission. But where do you see Egoraptor in this??!!? I get no influence from him. In fact, what inspired this idea was a MGS ytp called "Metal Gear Tekken: King of the Dance Tournament." Really funny video. check it out.

not to mention that "spagett" was just a one time thing that seemed to spread for a few weeks. its about dead now

That's not something you use as your sign? That's a shame...

<a href="http://sinfulwolf.newgrounds.com/news/post/374706">http://sinfulwolf.newgrounds.com/news /post/374706</a>
That's the post I was talking about earlier.

As for bitch, well some folks I don't treat that well even on this site. Some of my yelling an screaming can be found around somewhere I'm sure.

In reference to your game idea. I don't know. I don't know much about your characters, and I'm not good at planning humour. I'm not too much the comedian. Unless yer talking about the one from Watchmen, I'm closer to him... but with boobs.

That's a shame...

Hey. If I commented on that post, would you respond on that post? Cuz I'd like to say something on that post alone. Get back to me when you can.

Thanks for this!^^

Your welcome!

Anything to say on the other artists/ my game concept/ my musical dilemna?

Yes I would. I check back on it once in awhile after I tell people about it.

cool list. im now motivated to make your list next year if you make one. all the people you put up there truley deserved it is all i got to say


Be sure to tell them that too tho! :D

I responded to yer comment finaly.

I commented to yer respond finaly.

i respondeded

I'm curious about this story of yers.

yeah i'm interested in it too.

if you write storys like you write reviews, i'm sure it'll be good.

I'm glad you think my reviews are good, much appreciated. I'm typing the whole introductory page up. Hope you have something to say about everything. But first thing's first! That mothly honor deal thing is going to be done again! Look forward to a whole new list.

ive probably never had a good idea so yeah.

Ye need to update yer page.

I know! I know!