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Ignore that last post.

Posted by DarkX64 - February 25th, 2010

The only thing redeemable about it was my story list and the video with Matt Damon.

If you want see what I mean, here you are anyway.

I should be angry at myself for not being motivated to make better use of my time and even angrier that I had to make a post in apologies (yes, to ALL THREE of you :P). The former problem is a serious inhibitor to my work and, as such, resolve to fix that soon.

Anyway, I felt the need to revise the list. Feel free to say whatever you want about my way of naming things, why I have so many ideas or just call me crazy. Whatever. And this time around, I have decided to include other ideas that are less likely to happen.

Fists of Steel
Sonata of Swords
The Soul Warriors
Stone and Steel
Super Trip
TTA fan seasons (5,6,7, maybe even 8)
Sonic Trigger: Cross of Time
Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat (with story!)
In the Dead Darkness
The Exiled Ones
Fuck the Law
One War, Two Friends
Single Directive
Hunting the Predator

Not all of these are stories. Some are game ideas. Others, primarily the TTA Fan Seasons, may never happen. But time will tell. This weekend, I intend to blend my monthly artists post and my intro to Guardian all in one! Look forward to it!



PS: I found something that I have been missing out on for far too long. If you saw the Dr. Mario with lyrics video, you saw that music was credit of some guy called "brentalfloss." If the video below amazes you, go to his channel and be even more amazed. Stuff is a trip for sure.

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Comments (26)

I'm the Nerd, I'm awesome, and I will always be better than you. You can't deny my awesome. I could beat you at everything if I tried. I can even beat you at everything with out trying. I'm awesome. And because I'm awesome, I can do anything. Bow before me, pawn. I am you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but me, I control you, I'm the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.

Except that your obviously speech-that-took-you-hours-to-wri te lacked anything about being an emperor, much less the lack of foresight in matching up your name with your title. Which, my page my rules, put's you below the level of a minion. How does THAT make you feel?

Even a n00b can stand up to and beat the gods and, as such, become divinely kick ass themselves. And, your lack of recognition of my own little things about me that make me awesome in my own right is ultimately your final and ironic demise.
Moral of the story?

Don't try me. You will lose day and night, heat and cold, bright or might, young or old!!!


some of those ideas sound pretty good. it would be cool if you could make some of them when youve got more time. and to that guy above me, dude you need a life. youre probably some 35 year old guy who lives with his mom and spends all night playing world of warcraft. if youve honestly got nothing better to do than talk about how awesome you are than go fuck yourself

Nah, let him talk. When he doesn't prove his words, he's the one who will end up looking like the fool.

Yea, I'ma get to those ideas before I die (I hope...). Thanks for the encouragement, man!

Headin' to ur post, seein' whats up,


Lots of ideas, and quite a few seem rather interesting. Though "fuck the law" is putting me off a bit.

Regardless, looking forward to seeing your Guardian intro this weekend.

The irony is that the name has a completely different connotation in the storyline. It's not about some criminal punks defying the law, no no. It's very different, with the storyline deliberately diving into the label "controversial." This one is one I hope to animate.

visit mah page to watch EPIC DILDO FAIL dont forget to comment to its funny 2

Motivate me to do so.

allright then, looking good.

and yes i am working, its just i've had crap to do, big month.

anyway, i've actualy got chapter 12 of mine in another tab right now, so i should be working.

Woohoo! Get to work, my thirst for being entertained MUST be sated!!!

ideas in your list that caught my attention

Fuck the Law - I fought the law and the law won

Hunt the Predator - Impossible, the predator would clearly use his Plasma Caster to kill you or his wrist blades.

Ya silly idget, I ain't talkin' bout AvP. It's an original creation, with a rarely used storyline.

And for Fuck the Law, read my response to sinfulwolf.

Zerogauss has obviously not seen any of the Predator movies...

Hah. Neither have I.

i saw the first one.

but even so, Predator is too awesome.

Just understand, the only influences I got for Hunting the Predator were:

A) A Samurai Jack episode. http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/sa murai-jack-episode-22-english-dub bed-online-free A kick ass episode and definitely the bigger influence of the two.

B) A character design from a very old game I played.

To everyone:

"Hunting the Predator," is subject to change in name. This also goes for the other ones in varying degrees. For Your Information.


Samurai Jack, i liked that show.

and i'm going to tell myself to finish before tuesday.

because tuesday Bad Company 2 comes out and i am gonna playing that for like ever

You and a 1st person shooter... no surprises there.

huh, well Bad company 2 is amazing but its time to put my stuff on paper.

and i wanna see this story of yours

Ugh. I know. If it's not up this weekend, expect it sometime during the last week of March.

ive heard better ideas from a cat.so plzz think of better ones.

And I've seen better written grammar from a 77 year old man with arthritis, alzheimers and a lazy eye. That's one. 2) If you think they suck so bad, why are you bothering to order me to think up better ideas? Don't you know they made internet porn for idiots like you? Go do that and stay OFF my page. And 3) If you post again and have nothing constructive or helpful to say (like this one) I WILL DELETE IT. I'm keeping this here as an example to anyone else who gets such stupidity in their head. Good day.

i dont like those who accept cant take peoples opinion.

but i will say sorry since thats just the way i am.i was just really saying think of new ideas.

Well, thank you. Your apology is accepted. But I still wish to understand what you mean.

And what you'll also have to realize is that these are just their titles. Not only are they subject to change, but they don't cover all the topics in their individual story lines. They just vaguely focus on the main topic in each story. I only don't write them out now because of my time constraints. But trust me when I say they ARE big ideas. Anything else you'd care to say?

ummmm sorry for judging so quick.

Again apologies accepted.

To err is human after all...

And a reminder that mannered people aren't a dying breed is nice...

could you plzz review my art.

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy belated St. Patricks Day!

You should update more often.

I'm getting to it...
I just don't have that much time for it...
And my next post is still under construction.

Under construction? That's good news. Looking forward to it.

Yeah ummm...
crap came up. By Monday or bust.
Signing out, hitting the sack and resting my weary eyes,


Looks like bust...


There's still this weekend! And next week! Seriously, I'm a good 7/8 done. Just need a moment.

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