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Man! Your animations are as out there as ever! If you're still operating on the iPod, this is pretty well done! Really chilling, good song choice and simple things that deliver the macabre message across.

I like it, and hope to see more from ya! Sorry for the late response.

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cerebraldoom responds:

thank you very much!

Who, WHO?!?!?

Who is this dedicated to?!?!? Argh, CAN'T STAND NOT KNOWING!!!

That aside, this is great! You did a heck of a job for the first time, especially considering that your inspiration was the lack of it. XD All in all, not fantastic, but you can definitely go somewhere with this. :)

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Short and sweet!

I would have preferred something a little longer, but I like this. Well executed, great jokes and lovable characters. Also, the cop rubbing his hands was fantastically hilarious. XD I am in eager anticipation of a sequel.

I wish you luck with the series,

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A very good stepping stone...

..but that's all it is really. On the good side, I don't have much to complain about, seeing as everything was pretty spot on and well done. Than again, it's such a small game, there's not a lot to enjoy either. And it doesn't have much in the way of replay value. So all in all, still good, but not incredible. Add more everything. Better graphics, an optino to map movement to the arrow keys, different modes and/or challenges. That you could make a game this good is very commendable, just go farther and try harder!

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A little bit hard for a side scrolling beat em up.

But that's just my opinion. I like it, graphics are nice, diverse enemies, lots of attacks and just fun gameplay. However, the stamina system was a killjoy on plenty of accounts. Granted, it makes it more realistic, but in my book, characters shouldn't run out of attack. In Streets of Rage, none of the characters ran out of punch, kick or throw. And I think that Larry shouldn't run out of sword. Or at least, not as quickly as he does.

But that may or may not be personal preference. Since the first episode of Larry, I have regarded you as a professional and you are in your own right. This series is great, but I would love and prefer that you focus more on the series itself instead of the minigames. Oh well. Episode Two is coming soon and I can't wait!


PS: In both this game and the freefaller game preceeding it, Larry gets a rage power. I would like that this be an integral moment of the series, if you could. At any rate, it would make sense.

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*Sniff sniff* I recognize that scent!

*Sniff Sniff* The all too familiar, wonderful smell of *SNIIIIIFFFF*


Sonic looked very good. Environments were good but, if you're contemplating making a full game out of this, they need more. Also, there is going to have to be an actual "Jump," button. I demand that the spin dash make a return appearance! Also, jumps were delayed. We can't have that in a Sonic game.

I smell, see and hear lots of promise with what you've got here. I would love to see it finalized.

Sincerely, from a true Sonic fan,


jlwiza responds:

I loved ur comment u gave alot to think about, and I'll definitely make the changes u suggested, I'll make an edit or two in a week or so, so make sure you tell me what you think

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At 2:00, it's DR. WILY STAGE 1 MM2!!!!

SWEET! You got a ten for that ALONE. ;)

Unfortunately, I won't ever be able to hear all the references, as I'm not the biggest Megaman follower. Although, I'm hearing some Battle Network. That may be due to instrument choice, but it gives the piece a very awesome feel. It's a very good upbeat piece and it definitely captures the spirit that is the almighty Blue Bomber, Megaman! And you're right, ear buds amplify the awesome of this song.

All in all, my only dislike is that the references are VERY vague. But that's a very petty complaint, and I won't let that take down your perfect score of 5/5 and 10/10! Thank you very much for the rawesome you have placed within mine ears. :) I hope you continue to grace us with your beautiful musical composition skill.



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NemesisTheory responds:

HAHA! You should listen closely to the submelody at around 1:07. ;)

And don't worry about it! That's just a little thing I thought would be cool to put in there, I didn't want this song to have a big affiliation with any particular mega man songs but some homages would be pretty cool, that's why they're so vague as you said. <3

I'm very happy you thought it felt a lot like Mega Man, and thanks for the scores and awesome review! <3

Excellent, superb, mecha...

The first three words that came to my mind about sum up how well I think you did. I really can't say more than what has already been said. The only thing I would have wanted more was something among the lines of more bleeps and bloops to give the idea of a control panel being operated in the background. That's all that was missing and, even then, it's not enough of a reason to lower your score. The speed up key change to slow down more than makes up for the absence of a clear cut control panel. Oh well. I think this is wonderful and this is just gonna have to go to the favorites. :)

You rock!


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Normally, I avoid techno...

...because I happen to notice that it all sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. And ut's not that I don't like the genre as much as I am annoyed by the lack of different sounds and pieces. In some way, this site has hurt Techno's rep by having such a sea of commonality.

And then I heard this song!

This is impressive, it's rare to hear a piano so expertly coordinated with percussion, bass and dirty as mud synth sounds. Dang, gotta love that synth :) I likedd the voices included and the change in tempo. Although, from a personal standpoint, I would have preferred it happened VERY suddenly and a lot sooner. But that's just my taste and it's a relatively small complaint about a really well done song.

If there ever is Robot Apocalypse, this would be fitting music for that scenario. I really hope that this places high in the Robot Day standings.

And now in the favorites. :)

Keep up the good work, I would love to hear more from you and wouldn't mind getting a message when your next piece is up!



Quarl responds:

tecchhnoooooo :p

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Psssht, JonTron's all like "I'm infiltrating the base!"

I gotts to give you props for making Dawn sexually appealing, a feat I thought wasn't possible. And your attention to detail is phenomenal, superb work!

This is the kind of art to rave about. :)

DeliciousOrange responds:

I'm glad you like it. Ken Sugimori is a very minimal character designer, which lets other reinterpret his work in many different ways.

Liking the concept...

I very much like the direction your taking the Arthurian legend in. Though, you realize you will now have to explain how Gwen came to own this blade of legend...

This design very much looks like the Excalibur depicted in the movie Merlin. As opposed to this wondrous art piece, it was a simple, but fine looking weapon. What separated it was the sound of it's whoosh through the air, and seeing this picture made me hear that sound once again. As ugly as the concept of a weapon made for mass killing is, the sound it makes will forever be much more beautiful than a gun...

Anyhow, this is nice and I believe a solid 8/10 are well earned.

Might this be something that will happen more in the future?

sinfulwolf responds:

I do plan on explaining how Gwenhwyfar got the weapon, but it's nothing that epic. She was married to Arthur long ago.

This is something I may do more of in the future. Concept sketches, clothing sketches and the like to add a visual element to the story. A glimpse into what I see when I'm writing everything down.

Oh wow...

...I didn't realize how much of a sucker I was for cross references until I saw this picture...

You captured so much, I'm finding it very hard to review this. So much done so successfully in one picture... almost like the picture itself was the treasure! All I can say is thank you for sharing your art and I hope you do more, this is far beyond any tribute to Zelda, or even Indiana Jones, that I've seen. If no one's yet told you, let me be the first to say you're a success. And I hope I'm not the last. :)


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maniac086 responds:

I'm flattered...!
Thank you very much! Very encouraging!

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