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Posted by DarkX64 - July 10th, 2010

Hi. If you know me, thanks for reading and supporting. If not, keep reading if:
a) you have an interest in a robot-apocalypse story or
b) if you are an artist that can draw robots and people. And have the free time enough to engage in a non-profit project.

And now for the story. For those of you unaware, there are many Newgrounds users who contribute their own original stories to their main page. This post showcases some examples. Click if you have an interest. I have plenty of ideas for stories and, due to the many users I've encountered who post their stories on their page, I've decided to contribute my very own story: Guardian. It's a tale about a robot apocalypse that stars two characters: Angela, an 8 year old girl whose parents died in the initial robot rebellion outbreak. And her specially designed robot bodyguard, Peter. Together, they travel the world in search of answers, survival and other survivors. And, following the next post which will be a Table of Contents/ FAQ/ Subscriptions page, I will start my story. It will be titled Guardian: Step1 Chapter1: A Catastrophic Premonition.
It was brought to my attention that all titles should have a target audience. However, I fall short on this note, because I believe anyone should have the right to read what they can handle. NOTE, I should repeat the last four words, WHAT THEY CAN HANDLE. Death is going to be a heavily repeated theme in this story. Some people are squeamish in regards to scenes depicting genocide, betrayal and demoralization. If you should be such a person, than do yourself a favor and stop reading this, because there's nothing in this tale left for you. And don't dare think about commenting on my page, claiming that stories that have material like this in it help to spread ill will around. SUCH COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. I HAVE NO PATIENCE AND NO TOLERANCE FOR ANY SPAM OR POINTLESS CHATTER ON POSTS WHEREIN THERE IS ONE FOCAL POINT (posts with the title Guardian). Thanks. You have been informed and warned.

In regards to point B...

I should mention at this point that the spark to it all was I-Robot, yet it wasn't the full influence. Mostly, I make this point because, every time I try to envision Peter, the Guardian Robot, I keep coming back to the design of the NS-5's in that film. It's because of the clear fusion of a robotic appearance with human features. In particular, it was Sonny, the robot that had feelings and could dream, that I morphed around in my mind to come up with Peter. But I've never been able to fully abandon the NS-5 robot appearance.
To that end, I would like to request that any good artist who can and is willing to try and come up with a drawing akin to the appearance to an NS-5: clearly robotic in nature, but with outstanding human features. I'd like that the majority of detail and human feature be in the face, if shown. But to be clear, I don't want a clear cyborg nor do I want some grotesque molding of both sides. Like, I don't want a full human face on a robot body. Including Angela is up to you, because the picture's structure I'm also leaving up to you. If you opt for her to be in the drawing, I imagined her facial features as such: Blonde hair in pigtails. Sky blue eyes, medium sized and open with curiosity. Heartwarming smile. And round and delicate face. The rest is up to you. Anything done towards this end will be highly appreciated, as I would like a picture for the Table of Contents page. If you do this, put a link in your comment to the art and I will tell you what I think. Again any help rendered to this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance .

Now, I'm going on to other subject matter. Note, this is the only post with "Guardian," in its title that will have discussion outside of the story. And the only one I will allow outside discussion on. Remember that.

I'm still looking for a good program with which to compose music. Band in a Box wasn't what I was looking for. It was limited to a MIDI sound and was too big to work with. And I do have access to Finale Notepad, but it doesn't have all I want and I need. What I need is a program that is easy to use, has access to realistic sounding instruments (and plenty of them), has realistic sound effects (like glissandos or note drops, tremolo, and other stuff like that) and can be made into an MP3 file. In short, I would like The Comprehensive music making machine, if such a thing exists. I have a couple of ideas, some original, some remixes. If anyone can inform me on anything that can perform those things, please comment and let me know. And if you could give a link that gives me a site that showcases this program in action (i.e. a YouTube video or an Audio Portal submission), I would be deeply appreciative. Thanks.

For those of you who knew me before this post, I have a YouTube page: DarkX64. For now, I only have a favorites section, but I will be uploading some music from a great, mostly unknown game called Zone of The Enders: Fist of Mars. It's an amazing game if you ever get the chance to play it. And I hope to be uploading the music to it soon. And the possibilities of other videos, like flaunting my ugly face in front of a camera like a fool, are evident. They are on a later agenda however. For now, my page only fulfills the desires of people looking for epic music and funny videos. Enjoy.

And now, for the delayed but not forgotten monthly artists pick.

The Dragon Lady, in the flesh! She's not a myth, nor a legend and DEFINITELY not an amateur. Her amazing detail and beautiful beasts will capture your awe, stimulate your imagination and beckon to a fantastic world where anything is possible. She is definitely one of the better artists around, and she is maybe the only artist who does anthropomorphic dragons. There's some originality for you to chew on. I have two of her works in my Favorite Art section. If you decide to see what she's all about, get ready for the magical ride of your life!

This guy is a very interesting individual. With a library of Flash works that stopped in 2003 and 3 songs that are the product of his band, Aratic, that were posted in 2009, he has some of the stranger works you might find in this site. I'm a huge fan in particular of the band's piece "Contempt of Courtship," which, is also located in my favorites. Whether more Flash or Aratic songs are on the way, it's sure to be good!

KERSLASH!!! That is this dude's webcomic. Unfortunately, he has yet to upload any of the actual episodes to NG, but he has some impressive art, both of the main character, Paige and other material. He also has a Flash submission, which promises good skills in Flash to come. If you like unique art, this might be the guy you want to look up.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUCKING METAL?!?!?? Then it's time to listen to this guy! He is an incredible guitarist who has done plenty of work, both originals and covers. His solos will melt your faces! His remixes will astound you! And his skill will earn any fellow guitar players respect! I have so many of his works in my favorites, it's nuts! Give him a listen, he may just satisfy your thirst for metal!

Sultry. Naughty. Nasty. Downright Dirty. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Infinitedusk's erotica writing. It is here that kids be warned! The content on her page is for grown ups, adults and all other form of aged, carbon based life forms! (people, humans, whatever...) Sex is not for the immature, and especially, not some of the scenes she describes! But if it's a good night to get sexual, drop on by her page.

Can you say mad detail?!?!? Artists do pay attention to it, but this guy is EXCEPTIONAL at it. With a wide array of works ranging from futuristic, to fantasy, to just outright weird, he's got plenty of pieces to dazzle and amaze you. And, one of his pieces even became a poster that you can buy at the Newgrounds store! *Check it out!

Everyone step aside! The Queen Femme Fatale of the Art Portal HAS ARRIVED! With some comical pieces, serious pieces and more "stimulating," pieces, she has quite an array of style and skill. She has plenty of unique pieces that are a style unto their own and she has a knack for detail, texture and an uncanny realistic appearance to some of her pieces. She is definitely one of the better artists around and, soon, she may even animate more in the future as well!

It was long and awaited, but the journey has started at last!


Posted by DarkX64 - July 4th, 2010


Again, it's been ages since a post. So everybody who cares (all three of you ;) are in the dark about what's up. Here, I'll try to sum it all up as quickly as possible.

I have:
-Graduated. Yes, you read that right, I'M FREE AT LAST!!! I'm sorry I didn't post when it happened, but it's true!
-Passed the placement tests for Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) Orientation and course discussion are soon to follow. :) My plan is to find myself so I know what I want to do for the rest of my life while earning my associates degree. Only two more years of math and THEN I'M FOREVER DONE WITH THAT CRAP.
-Been looking for jobs with limited success. Got an interview with BK though. Gonna call them and look around more for a job later this week.
-I have since failed at setting aside time for attaining a license, but this week is going to be put to that use too.
-Been going to lots of grad parties. Fun, fun, fun!
-Guardian is STILL pending. Although, because of this post, it will shrink in size quite a bit. My first post in regards to Guardian is going to be an introductory post, telling about the series and it will warn people, because people who are faint of heart do exist in this world. And, if nothing else, they deserve a warning. At least then, they can't say I didn't warn them. There will be other subject matter in the post, so expect that. And I will finish the post...
-...when I'm allowed use of this computer again. As it stands, I made a really stupid mistake and ticked my mom off on a particularly bad day. As it stands, I have a time limit to how long I can be on the computer today. And I'll only be able to barely finish this post. By Tuesday, restriction's up. Sorry to all, but I'm still human and still learning.

Anyway, that about covers it. I have a lot of things to do and not enough summer to do it in. But Guardian is a promise I WILL uphold. My redemption is just around the corner!

Quod sum eris,


Bonus points to anybody who can guess what that means. ;)

Posted by DarkX64 - April 20th, 2010

So it's been forever since a post huh? My, how the time does fly. But when you've got Senior Project, two (yes, TWO) upcoming proms, a subscription that won't cancel and STILL takes away your money AND a symphonic band competition to worry about, things get pushed to the side. Unfortunately, Guardian and my supposed monthly post things were the first to go. Guardian has been sitting dead for a while now. But when summer rolls around, I'll breathe life into it yet (earlier if I'm lucky. However, I wouldn't count on it. L). And as for the monthly "under-the radar-artist's," feature, I'm afraid that may have to be done away with altogether. It's just not healthy for me to try to uphold a promise that inevitably becomes broken. So, no more of that. I, however have a list of artists that are still going to get recognition on my page. And, so the last list isn't forgotten, I'll post a link to it when the new one's done.

I'm sorry to everyone for the hold up. Especially, zero and sin. In fact, probably only you two. While I don't have enough time to put up Guardian, I can put up the Bacon overdose. When April's fools happened, I copied and pasted as much of the nonsense as I could. I know it's not much, but I hope you like it.

notanerd1 says:
Kevin Bacon is the Nerd, Kevin Bacon is awesome, and Kevin Bacon will always be better than you. You can't deny Kevin Bacon's awesome. Kevin Bacon could beat you at everything if Kevin Bacon tried. Kevin Bacon can even beat you at everything with out trying. Kevin Bacon is awesome. And because Kevin Bacon is awesome, Kevin Bacon can do anything. Bow before Kevin Bacon, pawn. Kevin Bacon is you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but Kevin Bacon, Kevin Bacon control you, Kevin Bacon is the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.
DarkX64 responds:
Except that your obviously speech-that-took-you-hours-to-wri te lacked anything about being an emperor, much less the lack of foresight in matching up your name with your title. Which, Kevin Bacon's page Kevin Bacon's rules, put's you below the level of a minion. How does THAT make you feel?
Even a n00b can stand up to and beat the gods and, as such, become divinely kick ass themselves. And, your lack of recognition of Kevin Bacon's own little things about Kevin Bacon that make Kevin Bacon awesome in Kevin Bacon's own right is ultimately your final and ironic demise.
Moral of the story?
Don't try Kevin Bacon. You will lose day and night, heat and cold, bright or might, young or old!!!

PS: Kevin Bacon found something that Kevin Bacon has been missing out on for far too long. If you saw the Dr. Mario with lyrics video, you saw that music was credit of some guy called "brentalfloss." If the video below amazes you, go to his channel and be even more amazed. Stuff is a trip for sure.

deny595 says:
visit mah page to watch EPIC DILDO FAIL dont forget to comment to its funny 2
DarkX64 responds:
Motivate Kevin Bacon to do so.

zerogeass says:
well Kevin Bacon is looking forward to it, so get on it!
DarkX64 responds:
DON'T RUSH Kevin Bacon DANG IT!!!
Kevin Bacon is busy trying to win the affections of someone wonderful, DON'T INTERRUPT THE PROCESS!!!

sinfulwolf says:
You should update more often.
DarkX64 responds:
Kevin Bacon is getting to it...
Kevin Bacon just don't have that much time for it...
And Kevin Bacon's next post is still under construction.

Kevin Bacon dont like those who accept cant take peoples opinion.

Hah. Neither have Kevin Bacon.

Lots of ideas, and quite a few seem rather interesting. Though "fuck the law" is putting Kevin Bacon off a bit.

Kevin Bacon do hope you enjoy.

"Kevin Bacon seek passage, that is all,"

"Kevin Bacon's name is Gwenhwyfar."

"Stay here. Kevin Bacon do not think this will be long,"

"Captain MacDonald Kevin Bacon presume. You knew Kevin Bacon was coming,"

"So then why do you wish to speak with Kevin Bacon?"

"Kevin Bacon is, and Kevin Bacon did."

"Kevin Bacon is simply passing through. Kevin Bacon is here for a boat only."

"Why are you helping Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon could have secured Kevin Bacon's own passage,"

"Politics. Kevin Bacon do not want you in Kevin Bacon's city. If it were not for your clan, Kevin Bacon would have you killed and burned. As it is, Kevin Bacon has the safety of the people here to watch out for. Should anyone been found slain by you, and Kevin Bacon will know, Kevin Bacon will hunt you down creature."

"Kevin Bacon has not. Kevin Bacon has however seen how troops sent to fight for him vanish. Kevin Bacon's forces shrink ever so slightly with each raid he commits, and his grow,"

"Kevin Bacon has not yet decided. The priests tell Kevin Bacon that Kevin Bacon should stay, the lords and advisors say Kevin Bacon should leave. After the things Kevin Bacon has seen and done here Kevin Bacon's friend, Kevin Bacon is not so sure God cares what Kevin Bacon do,"

"These walls may have ears, but Kevin Bacon has eyes in Kevin Bacon's purse. Kevin Bacon can discover what Du Lac is plotting, even if the kings are too busy squabbling amongst each other to notice,"

"Then do it. Kevin Bacon move to ensure no more of Kevin Bacon's men are transferred to Du Lac's command. Meet with Kevin Bacon when you have learned something, until then Kevin Bacon's friend, be at peace,"

Kevin Bacon asked for MOAR and Kevin Bacon got MOAR!

Kevin Bacon did state that Kevin Bacon liked Gwen, but just because she's Kevin Bacon's favorite does not mean Kevin Bacon will treat other characters unjustly, as readers may greatly enjoy characters other than Kevin Bacon's favorites. Lord du Lac is an interesting person, and Kevin Bacon has been tinkering with his background a bit. Kevin Bacon will have fun with him.

Kevin Bacon is not worried about the politics. Kevin Bacon is going to write the story as Kevin Bacon want to, and how it wants to. Kevin Bacon was simply putting out a disclaimer of sorts so people some what know what they are getting into.

And Kevin Bacon wil be looking forward to it. but Kevin Bacon really need to get on top of things.
Kevin Bacon has a lot of free time now, so hopefuly Kevin Bacon will get something done.
Kevin Bacon just saw the trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
it looks awesome.

Kevin Bacon should be angry at myself for not being motivated to make better use of Kevin Bacon's time and even angrier that Kevin Bacon had to make a post in apologies (yes, to ALL THREE of you :P). The former problem is a serious inhibitor to Kevin Bacon's work and, as such, resolve to fix that soon.

Anyway, Kevin Bacon felt the need to revise the list. Feel free to say whatever you want about Kevin Bacon's way of naming things, why Kevin Bacon has so many ideas or just call Kevin Bacon crazy. Whatever. And this time around, Kevin Bacon has decided to include other ideas that are less likely to happen.



Kevin Bacon is just so confused by this song. It didn't rock Kevin Bacon's tits, it rocked Kevin Bacon's BRAIN.


There's so much in this world Kevin Bacon won't understand. This is one of those things.

That gave Kevin Bacon a fit of giggles! Kevin Bacon saw what was coming but it was still a pleasant surprise! Good animation, simple story, this was great and Kevin Bacon is glad Kevin Bacon took the time to watch it! Kevin Bacon hope this review let's you know that Kevin Bacon appreciate quality thing's like this. Keep 'em comin!

Kevin Bacon has enjoyed this for years but Kevin Bacon finally get to say that not only have Kevin Bacon beat this on hard but

Kevin Bacon has sacrificed many hours of Kevin Bacon's time just to get farther than last time. Again, thanks and Kevin Bacon look forward to your next brilliant piece of work. :)

I thought these were amusing. If you can remember any from that day, or if you can point what is what, feel free.

Also, I figured I would put up some of my favorites from my youtube account: DarkX64. Quite the shocker, huh? For now it's all favorites. Any possibility of uploads are on the backburner but not entirely out of the picture. For now, here's some genius for the day. A sure fire smile maker, that's what this is!
<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;hei ght:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfir e/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyN zE4NTk4MDQ2ODcmcHQ9MTI3MTg1OTgyMjExMyZ wPTI3MDgxJmQ9dHVuZVdpZGdldF9maXJzdF9nZ W4mZz*xJm89/ZmU5ODU4MjU1MDYyNDYzMDgyND dkNzA1NWJlM2FmZjkmb2Y9MA==.gif" /><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://cache.reverbnation.com/wid gets/swf/19/tuneWidget.swf?twID=artist _501572&posted_by=artist_501572&shuffl e=&autoPlay=false&blogBuzz=buzz" height="415" width="434"/><br/><img alt="Band website builders" border="0" height="19" src="http://cache.reverbnation.com/wid gets/content/19/footer.png?1" width="434" /><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;hei ght:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://www.reverbnation.com/widge ts/trk/19/artist_501572/artist_501572/
t.gif"/><img src="http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel /p-05---xoNhTXVc.gif" style="display: none" border="0" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/>

That's all, signing out for now.



Posted by DarkX64 - February 25th, 2010

The only thing redeemable about it was my story list and the video with Matt Damon.

If you want see what I mean, here you are anyway.

I should be angry at myself for not being motivated to make better use of my time and even angrier that I had to make a post in apologies (yes, to ALL THREE of you :P). The former problem is a serious inhibitor to my work and, as such, resolve to fix that soon.

Anyway, I felt the need to revise the list. Feel free to say whatever you want about my way of naming things, why I have so many ideas or just call me crazy. Whatever. And this time around, I have decided to include other ideas that are less likely to happen.

Fists of Steel
Sonata of Swords
The Soul Warriors
Stone and Steel
Super Trip
TTA fan seasons (5,6,7, maybe even 8)
Sonic Trigger: Cross of Time
Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat (with story!)
In the Dead Darkness
The Exiled Ones
Fuck the Law
One War, Two Friends
Single Directive
Hunting the Predator

Not all of these are stories. Some are game ideas. Others, primarily the TTA Fan Seasons, may never happen. But time will tell. This weekend, I intend to blend my monthly artists post and my intro to Guardian all in one! Look forward to it!



PS: I found something that I have been missing out on for far too long. If you saw the Dr. Mario with lyrics video, you saw that music was credit of some guy called "brentalfloss." If the video below amazes you, go to his channel and be even more amazed. Stuff is a trip for sure.

/* */

Posted by DarkX64 - February 17th, 2010

Seriously, fuck it. January is not happening. That artist shpiel is getting a one month break and everyone that I said was going to be mentioned will be mentioned before March. So sorry, BUT IT'S JUST NOT FUCKING HAPPENING.

Also, story in the works. Been squeezed on free time, so, I'll see what can be done. But the project is still very much alive. And for those who don't know, SCHOOL IS A FUCKING BITCH AND HALF. I'LL HAVE NONE OF YOU SAPPY FOOLS TELLING ME HOW WONDERFUL EVERY ASPECT OF IT IS, BECAUSE THAT'S A LIE!!! >:(

I've got homework, a song to write for my small time band Edgewood Arsenal, a song to write for the highschool band because I said I would, gotta learn to drive, waiting for my class ring, gotta write Guardian, gotta get my other crazy ideas down, gotta practice drawing for animation in college, gotta do senior project, gotta do a fundraiser,chores, two cats, friends, yearbook...




DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!! >:(

*pant, pant, wheeze, wheeze*


Whew, got that all down. So yeah. Been busy.

Anyway, I said I should get my ideas down, so I'll just list the names. I'll get to them somehow in my lifetime!


Fists of Steel
Sonata of Swords
Super Trip
Earth Tale
Soul Warriors
DarkX (the character[s])

That's all I have.

Oh, and something funny I found:

/* */
Hope you laughed. I did.

Yeah I'm angry. I'll prove it with a picture.



Fuck it!

Posted by DarkX64 - December 22nd, 2009

Sorry to my friends. Lots of circumstance has moved my day to today for posting. Sleep and some usurping for someone else's Cafe World. Ugh. Just another reason that facebook drives me up a wall. But it's here! Everyone I promised recognition on my page (and some other's who just deserve it for being awesome) will have it now and today!
The Names.
I owe this guy what popularity I have. He was the first to comment on my first post wishing me welcome to the site. Not only good, nice fellow, his own story, which he showcases via his posts, is good and more than worth a look. If you like a nice, down-to-earth guy who also happens to be the author of a powerful, futuristic war story, where a young man and his friends band together to ignite a revolt against an oppressive ruler (a.k.a. "Red Dawn,"), you should probably set some time aside to see what this guy's all about.
Without a doubt, this lady is the best author on NG. HANDS DOWN. Her zombie-apocalypse tale "Blood of the Damned," will shock you with her in-depth, human characters, frighten you with her real,brutal and vivid settings and descriptions and amaze you with her incredible storytelling and execution. If her story doesn't do it for you zombie fans, check your pulse. You might just have become one of the denizens of her undead horde ;). She's also curteous, funny and open. Don't be afraid to talk to her, cause she's not. And definitely look up her story... if you dare!!
Simple and nice are the two words that come to mind for this flash artist. He still has a way to go but is constantly learning and his storytelling is great. Be sure to give him support for his upcoming Fallout 3 parody and his next installment in the wonderful Angel and the Fox series! That first episode was my first flash favorite :-). Be sure to stop by this dude's page, give him support and watch some of his stuff!
Certainly one of the weirdest users I've met on this site! With a weird and crazy style about all his work, flash, music, and art, he's worth the time if you like stuff that's off the beaten path. But don't mistake him for a spammer cause he's way too smart for that. If something near the lunatic fringe but not quite insanity is what you want, along with a dose of SPAGETT, dante's the guy you've been looking for. Also check out his contribution to the awesome series,
Not much to say about this dude. He's relatively new, having joined up on 11/30/09. But at least he's got one good submission, an ad that uses street fighter characters Ryu and Ken. Check it out, give him support and PM him for more!
Last, but not least, the girl with a cartoon style that's all her own. She's submitted several pieces of original, great art (my favorite is Cliat^^ ) and, recently, made her very first flash . And, even better, is making another! If good art and and cartoony animation make your day, then it's to Rhay-Tatsuki's page that you should make your way!

And, there are some other more well known people on this site I like anyways. Give 'em a gander if you're bored. I'd give info on them, but ther's so much to cover, you should just see it for yourself.
And, this guy helped me understand what was up with the logo thing, he's a stellar artist and he's just cool. Be sure to tell him who gave his name!
My hope in doing this is to advertise all these artists, get them some healthy criticisms which should be good motivation them all or, for some, just get some much needed attention. Regardless, I hope this spreads good all around!

I should warn any and all in advance that read this that my Christmas break's gonna be big and busy. So forgive if I can't respond. Just to get that out of the way.

Now, I don't have anyway of bringing this idea to fruition. But I have been coming up with an idea for a fighting/dance crossover game with the tagline "Fight to Dance/Dance to Fight." I haven't given much thought as to how the system would run how I would want it to as much as I have been fretting about the cast. I want it to have a cast of recognizable media icons and characters that would look funny dancing. So far, here's my list:
(MGS Series)
Otacon: Special Finish= Rick Roll
Revolver Ocelot: Special Finish= Guns you down while dancing to "Ghetto Musick"
King Dedede: Special Finish= BIG GAY DANCE!!!
Luigi: Special Finish= Negative Rick Roll
Zero Suit Samus: Special Finish: Milkshakes ('Nuff said)
Naruto's Sakura: Special Finish= Caramelldansen
(Killer Instinct)
Orchid: Special Finish= undecided as of yet, but should include censored flashing, lol :)
(Real Life)
Andre Benjamin (from Outkast): Special Finish= Sings "Hey Ya!" and a swarm of fangirls come and destroy you!
Black Michael Jackson: Special Finish= 1) Dances to "Thriller," and the opponent becomes a zombie. 2) Dances to "Beat It," and kicks their head off. They fall over dead. 3) Moonwalks to "Billie Jean," does his signature yell, then falls backwards and disappears.
White Michael Jackson: Special Finish= 1) Puts on a single glove and VIOLATES his oppenent, then sings "Smooth Criminal." (No worries, you don't see HOW he violates them, he just does.) 2) After they have fallen over, he dances to "Blood is on the Dance Floor," around and on top of the victim's body. 3) He get's arrested and sings "Bad."

That's all I've got so far. Any ideas you have for possible characters, please give me advice. Also, I need more Anime girls so I can have a trio of Caramelldansen girls! Yes, three at once! Hahaha! Thanks for any help you offer or just if you tell me that was funny.

Also, I have a song idea but the program I have, Band in a Box Pro 2008, is HUGE. If anyone has A) used it before, B) knows someone who has it or C) knows where I can find a good tutorial quickly, I would be highly appreciative, please and thank you.

Whew! That was a lot for one post. I'm done for now and off to the commode XD.

Thanks to everyone! Happy Holidays to all!

Lining my chimney with remote controlled C4,


Juuuuuuuuust kidding! :)

Some Great Artists And Big Ideas!

Posted by DarkX64 - November 29th, 2009

Though I've known about this site and visited it for a long time, it is only recently that I got an account on it. And my first few friends turned out to be writers of great skill and talent. Upon giving the site a view over, I noticed that they give animators, musicians and artists the opportunity to express themselves on this site but authors have yet to be given this freedom. And the authors have been too quiet on this subject. Newgrounds is the number 1 site for art,games and flash movies. To keep this site head and shoulders above it's competition, I believe that we should constantly move forward and give people reason to come to the site more often. So, for all the authors in NG and for the sake of it's benefit, I propose a new portal be added to the newgrounds roster: the Author Portal! And yes, this wasn't ENTIRELY my idea :P. Skilled author Sinfulwolf has already contacted Tom Fulp himself and he responds that it's in the works. But that's one person. If we all speak up and let him know about our interest and desire for an Author Portal, it will become a priority and a feature heavy part of Newgrounds. So if you want to contribute ideas for Author Portal features, promote your own story or anything at all, leave a comment. And the best part of adding such a feature is that it will be imaginative fuel for all the other portals. Read on, write on! POWER TO THE PAGE!!!

Posted by DarkX64 - November 24th, 2009

For those of you kind, interested and/or bored enough to read this, thank you kindly.
This is my first post and my first time DOING something on and as a part of this wonderful site. My future plans include doing more in this site along the lines of music and, hopefully, animation. However, as of current, talk, review and rate are the most I can do. And there can be a use to that. Although nothing's set in stone, I can offer my services as an author and/or inspiration to animations, games, music, whatever. I could even explain how I have a concept fan-made TTA Season 5, 6 and possibly 7, BUT NEVER without Kirbopher's permission, and that's probably for another day anyway. I don't know who will get this or how they will receive it but I HAD to get rid of that stupid, pointless ad >XD. So if you want to talk, wish me luck or call me a douche-fag, feel free. I wasn't expecting a rosy welcome anyhow.

Until time says "NEXT,"